Julio Ruiz is the proud owner of LiquidSky Sports - a premier skydiving jumpsuit manufacturer and now (unexpectedly) face mask manufacturer. As an entrepreneur with sewing and graphic design skills, Julio saw an opportunity to create a high quality product that everyone needs. Before the national call went out asking local businesses to produce facemasks, Julio was on it! 

Having just laid off his staff, his brainwave for a functional facemask design with filtration led to him calling his staff back to help him assemble these now precious masks. In a matter of days, LiquidSky was producing approximately 100 masks per hour while taking payments via Venmo. This website was born in under 48 hours to help streamline the ordering process and to keep up with demand.

The goal is to provide a high quality mask to those that need them most which ranges from the elderly to medical professionals, grocery store workers, law enforcement, delivery person, among many others in desperate need of supplies and protection, during this pandemic. By producing these masks, Julio Ruiz is able to keep his employees, and his small business running in such hard times.   

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