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Country flags are made to order and although we have the flags for all the countries some might not work well on the designs or might need to be edited due to the shape of our Buff, Flags are rectangular and our buffs have a slight intricate shape to best fit your face, please understand. Due to the amount of countries and flags available we are only providing you with a small amount of samples pictures to give you an idea how the buff will look. 

Choose your country on the list. If your country is not available, choose the MY COUNTRY all the way at the bottom. When you check out enter your country name on the comment section.

All custom orders like this one might take a 2-3 more days than our normal turnaround time that is 3-5 days. 


Buy 1. Donate 1. There is an urgent need for face covers, due to the pandemic! For every face cover you purchase, we will donate one to those in need! There is no limit to the volume for purchase.

Product Description

The LiquidSky face cover is made out of Poly Microfiber fabric and is designed to fit snugly around the nose and mouth. The design utilizes a chin cup and an adjustable nose piece to provide a secure fit and elastic that runs behind your head. The face cover has an inner pocket that allows the insertion and replacement of a filter. One filter comes included with each unit.

They are eco-friendly as they are washable and reusable. Please remove the filter before washing.


Our size chart will help you get a better idea on which size would be best for you.

We want to provide you with a well-fitted product to give a little more protection, versus not wearing anything to cover your face. Use this chart as a guide. It will help you get an estimate for a better fitting. The size of your body is NOT the important thing when choosing a face cover, you want to think about the size of your face and shape.



One Size Fits most mask will fit a range from XS to Large. Keep in mind that the XS might fit slightly larger on a small face and the L Might fit slightly smaller on the large Face.

Note: We do not allow mask exchange, so please choose wisely.

Thanks so much, JR


About Filters

Our filter is not the exact same to those found in N-95 masks, but offers protection against bacteria, most tobacco smoke and Proplet Nuceli (droplets from sneezing).

These face cover are not certified by health authorities and are not guaranteed to protect individuals from the transmission of virus.


By shopping here you agree that you are ordering a non-certified face cover and it is not guaranteed to protect from any virus. Your face cover is made out of Polyester Microfiber. Hand washable with rear elastic band, adjustable nose piece and inner pocket to insert a filter if necessary. Your face cover includes a non-certified filter that you can insert in the pocket if you wish. Please remove filter before hand washing your face cover. Always practice good hygiene. We recommend you sanitize it before use.

Usted acepta que está ordenando un cubre cara no certificado, y esto no garantiza la protección en contra ningún virus. Está hecha de Polyester Microfibra. Lavar a mano. Banda elástica, pieza de nariz ajustable y un bolsillo interno para integrar un filtro, de ser necesario. Este cubre cara incluye un filtro no certificado que usted puede incluir en el bolsillo. Remover filtro antes de lavar su cubre cara. Practique buena higiene. Recomendamos desinfectar su máscara antes de usar.